Selling a home in the winter definitely has its drawbacks: muddy boots on the floor, not being able to showcase your landscaping, having to keep your driveway and walkways immaculate. But, there are some perks to selling in the winter and this includes having less competition on the market. Even though you can’t plant flowers, you can still maximize your curb appeal during winter. Here’s how.

Add some lights

Snow and lights are a magical combination. Add some flood lights to your home, so even if the home buyers have a showing at 7pm, when it is already dark, the house will be lit up nicely for them. Accent the best parts of your home with these lights and include lighting up your walkway. This creates a dramatic presentation for people walking up to your home and driving by, as well.

Don’t decorate for Christmas

While this might be your favourite time of the year to decorate your home, your buyers might not feel the same. As well, many people have too many decorations, which just add a cluttered look. Keep the decorations to a minimum and non-denominational if you can. This especially goes for if your home is for sale after December!

Winter greenery

Add some greenery to pots around the front of your home. There are a number of cold-weather plants that do well and look great in the snow, so you should definitely take advantage of this. An evergreen wreath would look fantastic on any door, especially one that was freshly-painted in a bold colour. Imagine the contrast with the show to a rich red or blue door.

Dress up your porch

Your door numbers, handles and other fixtures outside of your front door should look new and polished. If you want to capture a buyer with your curb appeal, you may want to replace any dated fixtures with newer, modern ones. You can then add things like rustic and weatherproof furniture, lanterns and decor. Give your buyers the impression that even in -10 degree weather, they’ll feel cozy sitting on your porch.

Tidy your lawn

Some winters we don’t get much snow and if your lawn looks worse for wear, it might detract from your curb appeal. Ensure that you make it look as good as possible before the snow comes for those times when we have a brown December.

Add a bird feeder

Winter is a great time to put up a bird feeder. The birds will thank you and the buyers will take awe at the nature at your front door. A bird feeder will look classy and add just the touch you need to keep your winter curb appeal alive.